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Marine & Offshore Inspection


With our customisable and innovative solutions coupled with our driven and dynamic team, A-Star Testing & Inspection (S) Pte Ltd provides the best solution for highly precise measurements in highly complicated environments. Our extensive experience and skills in 3D Laser Scanning have allowed us to offer comprehensive solutions to a wide range of industries. By value-adding through accurate measurements, these information provides critical insights for professionals from a wide range of expertise.

Benefits of 3D Laser Scanning:

Highly accurate information to our engineers, designers, architects and contractors,

Saves both time and money by eliminating the need for costly return visits and minimise the need for construction reworks.

Complete 3D model can be made of the existing conditions in the building with just a few scans

Used for detailed measurements of landscapes, structures and their furnishings and arrangements as well as installations,

Used to survey hard-to-reach areas, determine construction progress and historical preservation.

In shipbuilding, our 3D laser scanners are used to measure complex and extensive ship parts within limited time frames. With such technology, the entire ships or ship parts can be constructed with upmost detail and plans can be made accordingly. Since prefabrication level is high, alteration of parts and maintenance during the assembly phase can be significantly reduced.

Our team of specialized individuals have the capacity to harness the potential of the various scanning data outputs, enabling in-depth digital analysis and manipulation and ultimately, creating 3D models for an even more extensive range of applications. We acknowledge that every client is unique. Thus, at A-Star Testing & Inspection (S) Pte Ltd, we provide customised solutions for you to forge long-lasting relationships. We handle projects of all sizes. If you are unsure how 3D laser scanning can aid your next high definition scanning project or how it can make your course of work more efficient, please do not hesitate to contact us for a discussion.

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